Two years ago I decided that seeing as much of the world possible was my goal whether that be professional or personal. As clichéd as it sounds it was a resolution on a New Years Eve. Hence the title “Resolutions” feel free to groan at that ;) but the sentiment is entirely true, truer than just about any of my accomplishments. 

I met so many amazing people in these various journeys. Whether we worked together or we just so happened to bump into each other in locations you couldn’t imagine. In the span of this time I had the honor to visit at least two dozen unique and inspiring country’s that were far from home. I have a wealth of memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything; as well as many new friends with huge hearts and open minds that enjoyed sharing stories and listening to mine all while we made new stories together. I believe your life is defined by your capacity for empathy, its just us out here; we are all we have and that within itself is an amazing gift. Connection is as close to perfection as we should want to get. 

The ability to process and accept people who are nothing like you is a joy, a challenge, it's a spiritual experience and an education. Life changing and humbling.

I suppose creating this comes fortuitously at a time when there is talk of building walls and misunderstanding what it means to be a citizen of planet Earth. Believe me when I say this, they’re are so many good people that can make your life amazing and you theirs, you’ll never know what that means if you turn off your light.