Christmas in Vienna

A little vignette of Christmas in Vienna I put together. Finally had the opportunity to shoot with the Iscorama Pre-36 lens (A 50 year old piece of anamorphic glass) its not the easiest to shoot with but the results are like none other. I can see why nobody wants to sell it, its character is just unmatched and quite frankly there is nothing like it. It just feels like cinema. I still have a lot to learn but it is an exciting education. This was all filmed with a Sony A7R II.

If you get the opportunity in your life, absolutely go to Vienna around the holidays. Nobody does Christmas bigger and better than they do, its complete class. Hard to describe really, its a bit like a fondest memory that is happening in the present. The Christmas markets are gorgeous and you kind of get lost in them cradling a cup of spiced hot wine.