Japan Shoot / by Patrick Pierson

While I was only in Tokyo for a few days it certainly struck an impression. It’s a beaming and orderly metropolis. One thing that will strike you first of all is just how seamlessly systematic that town is. Everything is typically on time and everyone waits at a crosswalk. 

Japan has such a unique culture that you instantly fall in love with it. On one hand its hilariously absurd and on the other it makes total sense. The people are probably the most polite of any in the world, very patient and love to practice their English on you when possible. The sushi is obviously the best in the world and blows away most Western interpretations. 

My objective was to film as much as I possibly could in the short time that I was there. Flying from Minneapolis to Tokyo takes around 14 hours and the jet lag will cripple you. Its the polar opposite in time and your body will absolutely be confused for the first few days. One event you absolutely have to do in Tokyo is go to The Robot Restaurant. Its like a private Las Vegas show on acid. Robots battle robots, sharks eat people, scantly clad Japanese girls dance while riding tarantulas. It’s like the craziest and most fun dream you can’t describe to your friends. 

I will hopefully make it back there and film other parts of Japan. Tokyo can certainly keep you quite occupied for a few days.